Why live an examined life?

An examined life is better, for me. Does the term better mean easier? Not at all. In fact, that is one reason why I find it important. It’s a challenge and a fight. But, with various intrinsic rewards that lead to insight and a more honed identity. To live an examined life I have to ask myself some hard questions. For example, I need to look closely at my views and recognize when they are leading me astray, when they are used out of fear, laziness, or severe ego. 
I feel this way because I have been given consciousness for a purpose. In part that purpose is reason itself and reason enough to live an examined life so that I can generate my worldview through thoughtfulness and reason, belief/spirituality, and gain insight to life as I experience it. I find it is my obligation to live an examined life because this consciousness is an ineffable gift. No, I didn’t ask to be alive and for many years I took life for granted. So, part of my worldview now is doing right by developing my ever evolving worldview and honoring life through examination. 
The alternative for me is not an option. That is, a life of mundane thinking, a resignation to being disinterested because I may not know better, or I may have not considered I could know better or know more. Or that I and all things aren't worth being interested in. Or, living in a bitterly defined apathy that stifles my examination and closes me off from opportunity personal growth and relationships.