The essence is in the examination.

How do we learn to define our place in the world?

How do I know what I think is accurate? Perhaps my thinking is swayed only by belief-survival and to what degree does rationality influence this thinking/belief-survival system? And if my emotions from past influences are a resource that I use to develop these beliefs and thoughts, how accurate are they presently in determining an unbiased worldview? Of course an unbiased view is impossible.

In essence how do I know my reality is as it should be and not something else?

There are many forces within me: some internally triggered and driven; others driven in from an outer source; ethereal and divine perhaps. These thoughts/forces are like voices in a room of a party. How do I interpret truth- some singularity- from the commotion of perception?

Isn’t there more than this incessant questioning and evaluation to my existence? Or, shall I ask isn’t this questioning enough and why doesn’t it satiate my need to understand my identity and begin to construct a cohesive worldview? But then why should I ask for consistency and cohesiveness when it is an illusion?

Isn’t there more than this yearning and fragmented beckoning toward a home unknown? Or, is it just hollow self-talk in a cellar with seasonal glimpses of light through the pane? A frequency with static. 

Or, is this fantastic undertow the definition of my life as I will know it? And yet I am grateful, or so I've been told that it's good to be; and so I look for that choice and use it from time to time. 

However, what teaches acceptance?